ECDLT Vertical Multi-stage Pump

Features & Applications:

  • ECDLT vertical multistage centrifugal pump impeller, shaft and most of the wetted parts are made of high-quality stainless steel.The Inlet and outlet seats are made of ductile cast iron, with high strength and wear resistance. The mechanical seal is made of hard alloy, which is more durable and wear-resistant.The advantages of ECDLT pump are high lifting head , saving installation space and convenient maintenance. The ECDLT pump can be connected to a control panel equipped with a soft starting controller or related protectors,to reduce water hammer impact or protect pump from overload, dry-running,and phase failure.
  • Water supply: Transfer water from the underground cistern to the top water storage tank of the high-rise building.
  • Industrial pressure boosting: Air conditioning and cooling systems.Boiler feed and condensation systems. High pressure rinsing systems.
  • Water treatment: Filters and reverse osmosis systems, distillation systems, separators.
  • Agriculture irrigation: Large area irrigation, spray irrigation.

(Remarks: The main difference between ECDL and ECDLT is the material of inlet&outlet seat. The standard inlet and outlet seat of ECDL is stainless steel 304, and the inlet and outlet seat of ECDLT is ductile iron, which has high strength and wear resistance)

Main Applications:

A.Install the ECDL or ECDLT pump in the basement, connect the water pipe to the underground reservoir(water source), and then deliver the water to the top water storage tank (tower) of the building.Applications of EVERGUSH ECDL Pump

Applications of EVERGUSH ECDL Pump

B.Inverter(VFD) constant pressure booster pump system. Combined with EVERGUSH ECDLor ECDLT pump, VFD control panel, diaphragm pressure tank, pipes and valves. All of these are integrated into a packaged booster pump system.It's commonly used in hotels, shopping malls,stadiums, restaurants, military camps,parks,etc.

Applications of EVERGUSH ECDL Pump

C. With EVERGUSH customized control panel and rain cover(if it's installed outdoors). To transfer water to the manufacturing machines or water storage tank in the factory. 

Applications of EVERGUSH ECDL Pump

(Remarks:The applications of EVERGUSH ECDL and ECDLT models are almost the same)


  • Power: 1HP~150HP (0.75KW~110KW)
  • Motor: IP55 / Insulation F
  • Totally enclosed fan cooled 2 pole IEC Induction motor-IE2(Standard Efficiency); IE3(Optional/High Efficiency). 
  • Motor range: 2P;50Hz or 60Hz.
  • Three phase 220~660V(For all models)
  • Single phase 220~240V(1~3HP only)
  • Max.Head: 270M
  • Rated Capacity range: 2~200M³/Hr

Operating Conditions:

  • For clean non-flammable and non-explosive liquid, without solid, flammable and abrasive matter.
  • Ambient temperature: +40℃.
  • Liquid temperature: Temperature range: -15℃~+70℃.
  • Hot water range: +70℃~+105℃.
  • Max. Working pressure: 25 kg/cm².

Remarks: If it is used for brewery, we suggest replacing standard motor to explosion proof motor.

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