Taiwan Domestic Locations and Markets

EVERGUSH has 5 sale branch offices and warehouses, 3 joint venture submersible factories and 1 control panel factory. Total measure of area is more than 30,000 square meter. We have complete pump supply chain and prompt maintenance network. We offer more than 50 series and over 4000 specifications of water pumps and diesel engine gen-sets.

Domestic Selling Network

Until JULY/2018,We have over 4,000 clients that sell EVERGUSH water pumps and diesel gen-sets through Taiwan. Our clients range from construction, industries、refrigeration and air conditioning industries、hardware stores、engineering companies、fire protection equipment companies、aquaculture industries、food processing industries、RO equipment companies、machinery manufacturers....etc. The key factor to our success is to provide variety of products with stable quality and efficient service.

Branch offices through out Taiwan

  • Taipei branch & warehouse
  • Taipei submersible pump plant
    1983 square meter
  • Taoyuan branch & warehouse
    1653 square meter
  • Hsinchu branch & warehouse
    1653 square meter
  • Chiayi branch & warehouse
    992 square meter
  • Taichung branch & warehouse
    1653 square meter
  • Taichung bore pump plant
    1983square meter
  • Kaohsiung Headquarters
    16,500 square meter
  • Kaohsiung control panel plant
    1322 square meter
  • Pingtung submersible pump plant
    1157 square meter

EVERGUSH New Headquarters in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. Estimated to be completed by 2018.

Global Markets

EVERGUSH team has continued to expand in the international market, and we already exported our water pumps and diesel-engine gen-sets to more than 40 countries as follows:

Asia (Northeast Asia / Central Asia / Southeast Asia): Japan, South Korea, China, Hong Kong, Macau, Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia, Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, Myanmar, Laos, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Brunei.

South Asia: India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Maldives.

Oceania: Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Noru, Solomon Islands, Fiji.

Europe: Malta, Belgium, Iceland, Turkey, Poland, Switzerland.

Middle East: Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Iran.

Africa: South Africa, Kenya, Mauritius.

Americas: US Saipan, Guam, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Panama, El Salvador, Jakarta, Brazil, Peru, Argentina, Chile, Belize.

Where water and emergency electricity are needed, EVERGUSH pumps and diesel gen-sets are always your best choice.

Any questions about our products?

The EVERGUSH branch offices cover all round Taiwan. If you have any questions about our products or need related technical data, please feel free to contact with EVERGUSH local branch office. Please link our branch office as following.

Equipment failure? Try our online troubleshooting.
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