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Tuesday, 27 January 2015 13:16

EVERGUSH hosted tours in Japan.2015/JAN.

EVERGUSH hosted tours in Japan.2015/JAN. 4 groups, 170 people attended this Journey.
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EVERGUSH hosted a evening banquet and award ceremony for distributors who are from South of Taiwan. Over 700 EVERGUSH distributors joined and enjoyed very good time in the party.
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Saturday, 14 February 2015 13:12

2015.JAN.31~Year End Party for all EVERGUSH staff

EVERGUSH held YEAR-END party for all EVERGUSH employees in Kaohsiung,Taiwan. Over 500 people attended this party. The party is very funny and diverse. Including lots of prize drawings, best sales and best staff of 2014 awards, and 7 dancing or drama programs during party.All shows are well prepared and designed by EVERGUSH employees from all Taiwan branch offices. Every team show strong teamwork,coherence,creativity on their dancing performance. 4.Year-end party is very meaningful,inspiring for all EVERGUSH employees and shareholders after 1 year efforts. We all have lots of fun and enjoy a very great party time.
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Wednesday, 06 May 2015 13:09

EVERGUSH hosted tours in Japan.2015, April~May

EVERGUSH hosted tours in Japan.2015, April~May. Total 5 groups, over 150 people attended this tour activity.
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During 2015, MARCH, 21~23, EVERGUSH held tour activities in Hualien, the east coast of Taiwan (One of the beautiful coast in Taiwan). Over 460 people attended this tour activities. EVERGUSH showed strong teamwork and well prepared for this activity. In the evening,We hold evening banquet and dancing parties. Everyone enjoyed wonderful time and had lots of fun during this tour activity.
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EVERGUSH Tours in German and Switzerland
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Over 800 people attended the party.Most participants are EVERGUSH distributors from Tainan city,Chiai county,and Chiai city in Taiwan.
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Congratulation!EVERGUSH succeeded in acquiring TAF Lab Certification for Diesel engine Genset (Aug/2015). Since 2013, EVERGUSH started investing most advanced automatic testing & QC equipment and production line of Diesel Engine Genset. Nowadays, We are capable to produce from 30 to 600KW Diesel engine Gensets. and We are very honor to announce that our diesel engine Laboratory has already passed TAF Lab Certification in Aug/2015.
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Congratulation!New Miaoli and Yulin Station of Taiwan High Speed Rail adopt EVERGUSH Fire Pump Sets-2015/Oct.
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