UN VFD-Controlled Constant Pressure Pump System(Light-type)


  • The unit can keep water pressure stable, and you can adjust pressure setting on the screen.
  • No water hammer. Improve start/off frequency. Smooth operation and low noise.
  • The system will adjust motor speed automatically, according to demand of capacity that can save energy and uplift performance.
  • Duplex pump with Dual inverter(VFD) alternating/ Parallel operation design. UN pump set is small that can be convenient transportation and save installation space.
  • The SUS pipe/pump can be customized according to customer requirements to keep it does not rust.
  • Provide constant water pressure while using water or hot shower.
  • Low noise and smooth operation. The system will adjust motor speed automatically, according to demand of capacity. It can save energy resources and uplift performance.
  • Dry-running detection. It will turn off automatically once no water occurs to avoid motor burn out.
  • Adopting high quality brand “DELTA” inverter(VFD), high efficiency, softly start/off functions.
  • Alternate & Parallel operation to extend life time of pumps.
  • Major installation ways- One is installed the pump system in the top floor or roof of the building, auto-boost water pressure downward whole building. Another is installed the pump system on the ground or basement, auto-boost water pressure to (upward) the building.(Please refer to below Installation 1~2)

Installation 1:

Without overhead storage water tank, UN pump directly auto-boost water pressure for the building.

EVERGUSH UN-Series Pump Installation-1

Installation 2:

With overhead storage water tank, UN pump set is installed on the top floor. Auto-Boost water pressure downward.

EVERGUSH UN-Series Pump Installation Way-2

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Auto boosting water constant pressure for IC manufacture industries, industrial pressure boosting system of plant,Condominiums,Hotels, Motels, restaurants, gas stations, apartments, factories, schools, parks, gymnasiums, villas, railway station, building sites,shopping mall,military camp,..etc.

Actual installation site of EVERGUSH UN PUMP SET

The main feature of UN inverter pump system is to save installation space. To reduce size and weight, and make transportation more convenient.


  • Power: 1HP~5.5HP
  • Motor Protection: IP54
  • Motor Insulation: E,B,F
  • Motor Pole: 2P
  • Voltage: Single phase 220V*60HZ(Below 2HP); Three phase 220~440*60Hz
    Single phase 220~240V*50Hz(Below 2HP); Three phase 380~415V*50Hz 
  • Pump Inlet/Outlet: 1”~2”
  • Manifold Pipe: 1.5"~3"
  • Pressure Setting:  1.5~5.8 Bar(The pressure setting varies according to the pump selected. The pressure setting cannot exceed the maximum head that the pump itself can reach)
  • Capacity Range: "It varies depending on the matching pump"
  • Special pumps, voltages, pipe diameters and materials can be customized according to customer needs.
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