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EVERGUSH held 2021/2022 Best Sales Consultant Award Ceremony and AIOT Pump & Gen-set After-sales Service System Presentation.2023/03/18 Featured

  Due to the impact of the covid-19 pandemic, the EVERGUSH consultant award ceremony, which was delayed for nearly 3 years, was finally held on March 18, 2023 at the EVERGUSH pump/gen-set Kaohsiung head office. The Team EVERGUSH is very happy and honored to be able to gather and have fun with our sales consultants from all over the Taiwan again after the pandemic. The main purpose is to take advantage of this precious gathering to express our sincere gratitude to all the consultants for their long-term support, advice and encouragement to Team EVERGUSH.

  AIOT pump & gen-set after-sales service system presentation: AI artificial intelligence and IOT Internet of Things, specific for EVERGUSH large-scale units (including fire pumps, generator sets, medium and large Inverter constant pressure pump systems).In the near future, the control panels of these units can all be connected to the Internet, and after being connected to the Internet, they can be connected to the EVERGUSH AIOT pump & gen-set after-sales service system.EVERGUSH has established a large database center in the head office. Through big data statistical analysis, continuously accumulate and evolve data and experience, and provide data for AI to make appropriate judgments. Through the statistical analysis of big data, the monitoring and early warning of the unit is carried out through artificial intelligence(AI). When unit failure occurs, AI will provide users with the best solutions and suggestions! 

  • Speech by Taiwan Legislator (Miss Lin), EVERGUSH CEO(Mr.Hu) and Consultant representative(Mr.Lin).
  • Professor Mr.Zhuo made a presentation about AIOT Cloud after-sales service system.

A Cappella children's vocal ensemble performance.

2021 EVERGUSH Top Consultant, Gold Consultant, Silver Consultant Awards Ceremony.

2022 EVERGUSH Top Consultant, Gold Consultant, Silver Consultant Awards Ceremony.


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