Tuesday, 08 August 2023 08:19

We completed the production of 2 sets of 350HP and 1 set of 300HP fire-fighting pump units and passed strict inspection in 2023/July. Featured

Description: Evergush team completed the order production of two sets of 350HP (soft start control) and one set of 300HP (Inverter control) fire pump units. These fire pumps were designed for one of the largest chemical plant projects in central Taiwan.These 3 Evergush fire pumps have also passed the strict review and careful inspection by the Taiwan Fire Safety Center.

These two sets of large-scale 350HP Evergush fire pumps (soft start controlled), which are quite difficult to manufacture.Performance requirements-head: 105M/Capacity: 9500LPM. It is the largest fire pump unit produced by Evergush in recent years. It is a great honor that the hard-working team overcame the difficulties in the process and completed the task!

Remarks: Soft start control is used to reduce water hammer and reduce instantaneous starting current.

Continue to complete this set of large 300HP Evergush fire pump (Inverter control), the performance requirements of the unit head: 135M/capacity: 5500LPM. We are honor that the team broke through the difficulties and completed the difficult task again!

Remarks: The inverter is used to control this Fire pump, in addition to eliminating water hammer, it also reduces the instantaneous starting current. Smooth operation and constant water pressure. Use the VFD to achieve the effect of saving electricity and energy.


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