ESTP Swimming Pool Pumps


  1. The motor shaft do not come into contact with water.The liquid does not directly cause rust or corrosion on the motor shaft.
  2. Equipped with the strainer inside pump body for less cleaning and easy maintenance.
  3. Pump casing,casing cover & impeller are made of highly reinforced plastic.The wetted parts are no rusty.
  4. Inlet/Outlet of ESTP50N(0.5HP)~ESTP200N(2HP) use quick connector(48.5mm or 50mm). Inlet/Outlet of ESTP300N(3HP) use internal thread-2".



Re-circulation and filtration systems, Jetted bath tubs, spa pools, Swimming pools, massage stations, cleaning system, water circulation for aquaculture .Installation of EVERGUSH ESTP SWIMMING POOL PUMP

Operating Conditions:

  1. Ambient temperature: Max.40℃.
  2. Liquid temperature:2~60℃.
  3. Working Pressure: Max. 3 bar.


  1. Power: 0.5HP~3HP
  2. Protection: IPX5
  3. Insulation: F
  4. Pole: 2P
  5. Voltage: 1phase 110~220V*60Hz; 1phase 220~240V*50Hz ; 3phase 220/3800V*60Hz ; 3phase 380~415V*50Hz
  6. Inlet/Outlet:  PVC Joint 48.5mm for 0.5~2HP ; Internal Thread PT 2" for 3HP
  7. Head: Max.18.5M(3HP)
  8. Flow: Max.580 LPM(3HP)
  9. Suction head: Max.3M~6M.


We upgraded ESTP swimming pool pump to 2nd generation from June/2021. We already stopped producing and offering old type of ESTP swimming pool pumps. To distinguish 2nd generation from old type, we will add "N" on model name as following model code.Model Code of EVERGUSH ESTP pump

Exploded View & Part Name:

Exploded View of EVERGUSH ESTP(0.5~2HP)PUMP



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