VS Inverter-controlled Constant Pressure Pumps


  1. The VS is a complete, all-in-one unit, consisted of stainless steel multi-stage pump, motor, pressure tank, and inverter(VFD) controller.
  2. The pump is constructed from top quality and corrosion resistant materials for cleaning using water.
  3. The unit can keep water pressure stable, and you can adjust required pressure setting on the electronic screen.
  4. No water hammer occurred when pump is in use.
  5. The motor rotational speed will change according to current consuming water capacity for saving power and electricity costs.
  6. Dry-running detection. It will shut down automatically while no water flows in ,to prevent motor from burn out due to water outage.

VS Pump Structure



  1. Water supply systems, water treatment systems, and reverse osmosis devices.
  2. Water pressure boosting for households, apartments, and villas
  3. Beauty shops, villas, restaurants, spa equipment, motels, small hotels.
  4. Industrial pressure boosting systems and washing equipment.


 Installation 1:

Installed EVERGUSH VS Inverter-controlled Pump on the top of the building, to auto boost water pressure downward to where there's insufficient pressure in the building,especially higher floor room and restroom.(Water source is from Overhead storage Water Tank)

(Installed VS or ESV pump on top of the building, for auto boosting water pressure downward)

Installation 2:

Installed EVERGUSH VS Inverter-controlled Pump in the first floor or basement of the building, to auto boost water pressure upward to where there's insufficient pressure in the building.(Water source is from Cistern)

Operating Conditions

  1. Ambient temperature:Max.40℃.
  2. Liquid temperature:0~60℃.
  3. Relative humidity: Max. 85%(RH).
  4. Potable water or other clean non-corrosive liquids without abrasives.
  5. Working pressure: Max.10 bar.


  1. Power:1HP~5HP (0.75~3.7KW)
  2. Motor: IP55 / Insulation F
  3. Voltage:
    1Phase 110V~220V (60Hz)
    3Phase 220V~380V (60Hz)
    1Phase 220V~240V (50Hz)
    3Phase 220V~415V (50Hz)
  4. Built in thermal overload protector
  5. Max: Head: 62M(50HZ) - 68M(60HZ)
  6. Max: Flow: 550LPM(50HZ) - 550LPM(60HZ)
  7. Inlet/Outlet: 1”~2”
  8. Pressure setting range: 2.0~4.6 bar
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